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Can you claim personal injury on your own car insurance?

Generally not, a personal injury claim would be made against the at fault driver and ultimately settled by their insurance company.

How much compensation will I receive?

Your compensation will usually be made up of two elements;
Financial Losses : Damage to your vehicle, a replacement hire car and loss of earnings for time taken off work.
Pain and Suffering (“General Damages”) :

When you pursue an accident claim, your compensation settlement is usually made up of two distinct elements. First there is compensation for your pain and suffering and secondly there is compensation for the financial losses that you have suffered. The financial impact is often more important than the damages for injury.

We treat you and your claim as individual. The same injury can affect people in different ways. The specific type and seriousness of the injuries you have sustained and the time over which you have, and will suffer, are all factors which we take into account.

We support our advice by using a combination of expert medical evidence, latest court cases and judicial guidelines. We will not give you a valuation until we have all the evidence required.
Common injuries in road accidents are to the neck and back, usually in the form of whiplash. As a general guideline, such injuries lasting for a month or so will attract an award of around £1000; those lasting for up to approximately two years may attract around £5000.