Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, you need to seek expert advice to get what’s due to you. Whether you were the driver, passenger or motorcyclist – or even a pedestrian or cyclist – you may be able to claim for compensation.

Paul Rooney Solicitors are experts in personal injury and remove all the hassle and mystery that surrounds the compensation process. We will guide you through each stage, advise you of the next steps and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Paul Rooney Solicitors are vastly experienced at dealing with these types of claims and have a large department dedicated to assisting the victims of road traffic accidents. As committed members of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS), our specialist claims experts strictly adhere to the service standards set out by MASS.

What to do in the event of an accident

By law, following any sort of vehicle accident, everyone involved must stop. Here is some useful advice to follow:

  • Exchange details with all parties involved – and any witnesses – even if the other party admits responsibility.
  • While the event is fresh in your memory, draw a diagram of the accident location detailing the direction of travel of all vehicles, the location of any witnesses, the speed of vehicles involved and the road layout including any road markings.
  • If you are injured, seek medical advice immediately. Not only will this ensure you have no serious underlying injury, but the medical records could support you claim.
  • Never admit responsibility for the accident until you have reflected on what exactly happened.
  • Keep a diary of your injuries to include details of the effects of the accident on your everyday lifestyle and any care provided by others.
  • Keep a record of any medication and treatment you receive. It is also wise to record when your injuries are at their worst or any severe bouts of pain.
  • Keep a list of all expenses which you incur and hold onto any receipts.

Will your claim go to court?

After assessing your claim our solicitors will send a formal letter detailing your case to the other side and their insurance company. The insurance company then has three months to investigate the claim and decide whether or not they accept responsibility.

If there is no agreement on who is to blame and how much the claim is worth, court proceedings may be started and your solicitor will talk you through this process. However, most cases are settled before or after court proceedings are started and very few go to a trial.

How we can help you

Once we accept your claim, we will:

  • Ask you to fully describe what happened.
  • Arrange to take statements from any witnesses. 
  • Send a letter of claim to the driver responsible for the accident.
  • Arrange for an independent engineer to inspect your vehicle, if necessary.
  • Arrange for a medical report to be prepared detailing your injuries.
  • Meet face-to-face. If you are unable to come to our office because of your injuries we are happy to come to your home or hospital.
  • Ensure you receive maximum compensation as soon as possible.
  • Push hard to get the compensation you deserve
  • Send a formal letter detailing your case to the other side

Your accident may be the fault of another driver, or fault could lie with the Highway Authority if there were defects in the road or even a lack of salt or grit in adverse weather conditions. Once we know all the details, we can advise you on the best avenue to explore with your claim.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident you can speak to one of the expert case handlers at Paul Rooney Solicitors on 0808 231 4408, or complete the form on the right hand side of this page and we will contact you.

Typical Compensation Amount Information:

General Damages

These are the damages which are awarded for injuries which are the result of your accident. A medical report will be needed to describe the injuries you sustained and any continuing effects. The amount of compensation you receive is then determined by what has been awarded in similar cases previously.

Some typical examples:

  • Whiplash injury with full recovery after 3 months: £1,500
  • Whiplash injury with full recovery after 6 months: up to £1,900
  • Whiplash injury with full recovery after 12 months: up to £3,000
  • Fractured collarbone: up to £8,700
  • Uncomplicated Colles’ fracture of wrist approximately £5,300
  • Simple fracture of femur: up to £10,050

Special Damages

These are the damages which compensate you for your past and future financial loss caused as a direct result of an accident and would typically include loss of earnings, medical and travel expenses. If your injuries mean that you have to have help and support from family and/or friends or you have to alter your accommodation, or even move house, you may be able to recover extra compensation. 

Wherever possible you should retain documentation to prove your losses i.e. receipts etc.