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Top tips for cool driving this summer

The summer has finally arrived and, hopefully, it looks set to stay for a while. But as the UK basks in beautiful sunshine, we have to admit it’s caught us all a little off guard.

With the summer holidays finally here, it’s time to make sure you’re hot on staying cool whilst driving. Whether you’re venturing on a road trip or simply planning day out, you’ll need to make sure that both you and your car stay cool.

Here are a few top tips to help you:

Keep calm while driving

Driving in hot weather can make you a lot more aggravated - the heat certainly brings out the worst in drivers. To avoid this, make sure you take regular breaks. The advice by the AA is to have a 20 minute break for every three hours you’re driving. If you’re driving for longer, then a break every two hours is advisable. Don’t drink alcohol or eat heavy meals as the former is illegal and the latter will make you sleepy.

Reduced visibility while driving

The sun can blind your visibility, which is dangerous and can contribute to an accident, so wear a pair of sunglasses whilst driving. Before you set off, make sure your windscreen is clean and check there’s enough water in your squirters – hot, dry weather makes for dusty roads.

Be aware of motorcyclists

The summer months brings bikers out in their droves. Due to the increase in recreational riders, road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists peak at the weekends. 30 bikers are killed or injured every day at junctions, so remember; take longer to look for bikes.

Road surfaces

UK road surfaces can often start melting at 50°C. With recent temperatures rising above 30°C (and temperatures are typically measured in the shade), soft tarmac can cause problems for motorists. Black absorbs heat. Which brings us to another point; pick your traveling clothes carefully. Sitting in a black suit whilst stuck in your car will be far from ideal.

Stay hydrated

As with most things in the hot weather, make sure you have plenty of fluids to keep you going. Chances are, if you’re driving in sunny weather you’ll get stuck in traffic. From road traffic accidents to melting tarmac, traffic jams are likely. Bottles of water in a cooler bag is the way forward.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, stop often, drink plenty of liquids (not alcohol, obviously) and be patient. It is summer after all, so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, it will be winter soon enough.


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